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Our application and web solution service portfolio

Our strength is development of bespoke applications. Based on previous project realization we have much experience in field of client communication and both personal and online cooperation using e-mail and various conference software. We always try to find the best solution with our client, considering clients budget. That's one of the reasons why there are both big companies and small projects in our references.

Programming in Objective-C, C++ and C#

Into this area belong mainly iOS and Android mobile applications. These are currently very fashionable and that's why we offer complete service from development to listing in AppStore or Google Play.

Web development using ASP.NET

Web applications made using this technology work well on IIS and Apache for windows. For another OS it's usual to use open source Mono implementation. In most cases we use Visual Basic.NET which has positive effect on execution speed. All applications are valid for XHTML 1.1 browsers.

Web development using PHP and HTML

Web applications made using PHP currently belong to essential part of service portfolio. These applications are flexible and in most cases have small computing requirements. It's possible to use frameworks like Nette or Zend to make the development faster. We offer complete project realization, from graphic design to final application hosting.

Miscellaneous services: jQuery, Javascript, database languages (MYSQL, MSSQL)

Database elements are essential part of most of applications. With their help are massive applications able to work with great amount of data. Javascript and jQerry can than serve mainly as web application light on using various animations and asynchronous requests (AJAX)
Because of user-side Javascript and jQuerz processing it's possible to use these languages to save servers computing power. With AJAX solution, great savings in data transfer can be achieved.



Electronic catalogue for iPad, web catalogue in CZ, SK, HU mutations. Also with data management backend for both interfaces and hosting of these solutions.
Used technologies: Objective-C, Visual Basic.NET, PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, Javascript, HTML

English and Czech version of interior architects website, which was designed from scratch. interesting thing of this website are Javascript elements used for rearranging the website according to size of given window.
Used technologies: PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, Javascript, HTML

Betting website for icehockey, football and tennis. Sophisticated processing of livescore imports demanded precise optimization of whole sourcecode. Massive database is processing thousands of request per minute.
Used technologies: PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, Javascript, HTML

Custom CZ and SK e-shop with management of orders, customer, reclamation inquiries, product rating, product variations, expedition warehouse and other smart functionalities which are not usually found in common e-commerce applications. Also linked to accounting software.
Used technologies: PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, Javascript, HTML



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